The Ultimate in Flat Roof Restoration and Waterproofing

Eterna-Kote Silicone Roof Coating is a 100% silicone roof coating that delivers countless benefits including lasting waterproofing protection, eco-friendly features and application advantages; saving time, energy and money.

Silicones have amazing properties originating from their molecular structure which make them highly resistant to moisture and have a very high strength and flexibility - which means no cracks where moisture can creep below the paint barrier (the major cause of protective paint failure - when water creeps through the cracks, as the sun heats the paint surface vapour lifts the paint film from the surface).

Manufactured in the USA, Eternakote has a proven track record as a top quality, lasting repair solution for worn and leaky roofs. With a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty, you can rest assured that the hard work and money you've put into making your roof look great will last and protect you and your belongings from water damage.

Eterna-Kote provides the ultimate in waterproofing protection, providing a seamless barrier that even stands up to pounding water challenges often associated with flat roofs. Eterna-Kote is flexible, stretching to prevent cracking and is a superior product created from Silicone. Equally important, Eterna-Kote provides excellent chemical, heat and weather resistance, delivering long-term watertight security.

The perfect solution for worn or leaky roofs on Commercial Buildings Eterna-Kote Silicone Coating is widely used in the USA on these projects. The benefits to the building owners are great - this restoration process avoids a costly roof replacement and causes minimal disruption to the building occupants. No building closures required. The end result is a seamless waterproof membrane which eliminates leaks and provides significant cost savings over a new roof.

Eterna-Kote Silicone Roof Coating provides a versatile roof repair that can be used on a wide range of substrates including bitumen, butynol, metal, concrete, tiles and many more.

Have you got a leaky or worn roof on your house, building, shed, garage, motorhome? Find out how to fix it quickly and easily - visit us at Eternakote