I was managing a 5 Star Hotel in Taupo and as the building was constructed in 2005 and time for maintenance the roofs had to be maintained to extend their lifespan. The 2 buildings have an asphalt membrane roof with a low slope and the reflective stone chips were getting fewer after 16 years of weathering resulting in extreme temperatures in the buildings, especially on the top level.

I have researched many different options and products over a period of 12 months. Local and overseas. On Google I came across EternaKote and it was just what I was looking for. Ian Jacobi advised me on the product and provided me with a test sample, and I was impressed. To make sure that it was the correct product I ordered a 3.8L container and prepared /applied a 4M2 test area.

Excellent results, easy to apply and it exceeded my expectations, it will extend the roof lifespan by many years, the roof will be 100% watertight and the roof temperature dropped tremendously. I used a local painter and we painted both roofs and the total area of both rooves are 1200M2Great product, easy to order and friendly service from Ian.
~Chris, Sacred Apartments Taupō

"Ian is great to deal with and has an incredible product. We had 2 roofs with leaks before applying the ETERNA-KOTE S-100 SILICONE+ ROOF SEALANT. 1 ROOF WAS A FLAT ROOF AND 1 HAD A SLIGHT GRADIENT. Now that we have applied the product, we have not had a single leak. We have completed a full Wellington winter. We have tried other methods in the past to patch these same leaks and only this product has worked for us. I will buy more of this in the future for any more leaks that appear. This is my go-to product for leaks ."
- Matt, Wellington

"We found EternaKote online after much searching for a one-stop paint and leak stopper. We talked to the supplier about the suitability for the curved roof of our 11 metre long bus and the paint was dispatched the next day. I painted all the edges and seams with a large paintbrush and roller, then applied one coat all over the roof. It was quick drying to tacky but we had run out of daylight so I applied a second coat two days later. The application was easy, quick-drying, and looks fantastic. (wee tip.. make sure your roller has been washed, dried and all loose hair removed... there are some hairy bits now embedded in our roof, don’t look too closely). I would highly recommend this system - it sticks to everything.. "
~Tinny, Te Anau (NZMCA 84467)

"I am very pleased with the product and the confidence that it gives me knowing that the bitumen felt was not leaking and now we have added protection. I have sold the balance of my pale of paint to a neighbour who wants to do a small area. I had half a pale left after applying one full pale for the first coat and half a pale to do the second coat!!!"
~Brian, Tauranga

"I finished last week. Great stuff. Water beads up and rolls off. Goes on easy. Built-up coats. Easy to work with. I used a smaller bucket and poured it on and spread it with a roller. The roof is also much cooler as it reflects the light and heat away. I will take a few pictures of the finished roof. It’s really bright white. I feel confident the roof will never leak with this coating on it. Really not toxic to apply compared to other roof coatings I have previously used. "
~Dean, Orewa

"Just had to say thanks so much for the lightning-fast delivery and for the brilliant product. I painted it right over the problem area and found after the latest downpour the leak is no more. Had to use very little either and considering I applied it right over the old repair I am super impressed."

"Recently applied the product to the roof of our caravan. Previously it leaked in maybe 4 places including along the seams at the edges and at the rivets. We recently spent a week on the West Coast, 3 days that rained heavily. I am pleased to say we had no leaks, what a difference! I am more than happy to recommend the product."
~Peter (NZMCA 62592)

"An amazing product easy to apply. The team did an awesome job finding all our leaks on a flat roof. I have spent weeks trying to find them. And the team found and repaired it in one day. Very polite and professional. No mess and quality workmanship."

"Great to see the American Eterna-Kote paint now available in New Zealand with a local distributor. The ease of application and 50-year limited warranty make this an excellent choice for any roof."

"Great communication, repaired roof leaks that I have spent weeks trying to find, the product works extremely well and workmanship was great, with no mess left behind"

"Just rubberized the roof of my 30-year-old Isuzu Camper with your product - Eterna-Kote. It is so amazing and easy to apply with a brush or roller, that I am happy to promote EternaKote for free, as I travel our beautiful New Zealand. I am a member of the NZMCA No: 77979 and also a paid-up member of D.O.C. Thank you! This product has given my old camper another lifetime of use."
~Bruce (NZMCA 77979)

“Very impressed with this product. At Napier last week when it was 37.4 degrees. The roof was cool to touch. Amazing.”

“My vehicle was coated with a rubber-based product in 2005 by a licensed operator. It was issued with a 5-year warranty after the installation.
The coating failed after 5 but before 6 years were up.
The application of the Eternakote product was very easy to apply by either brush or roller as was required in my case.
It has excellent covering abilities and leaves a very smooth finish which adds to the appearance of the vehicle.
I have no hesitation in recommending this fine product to anyone considering coating their vehicle roof.”
~Wayne NZMCA #62867



"This roof coating is awesome stuff! It's just great! It rolls on very easily and you only need one coat for a full "rubbery-silicone" waterproof roof. I have several "ponding" areas on my flat roof to which I applied this product. And it's totally waterproof! It's like a "rubber" coating! It's just great stuff at a good price. There are other similar products out there but at a higher price and why pay more than you need to? There is no reason to pay more. This product is guaranteed for 50 years! That's right 50 years! That's a lifetime really. I certainly would highly recommend Eterna-Kote S-100 Silicone Roof Coating to anyone!"

Pros: Easy to Install, Easy to Use, Easy to Work With, High Quality, Performs Well, Seals Well


"I have been having roof problems for years on my flat roof. I have used all kinds of different products up there but all failed and the leaks came back. I used this stuff and all leaks stopped the first time. Yes, it's pricey, but after using and wasting time and money on all the other stuff I had used before, if I had used this stuff first I would have saved a ton of effort and money."

Pros: Easy to Use, High Quality, Performs Well, Reliable, Seals Well


"Very thick coating. A roofing company that applied it was extremely impressed and said they don't carry a product this good!"

Pros: High Quality


"I needed a good product for a flat roof. I tried other products that were a silicone mix and they did not stand up to the rain. This product is fantastic. It goes on easily with a roller and 1 Bucket covered 200 sq ft. My roof is sealed and I don't have to worry when it rains. I would definitely recommend it. This was more expensive than the other products I used, but if I had chosen this product first, I would have saved over $300 in sealers. Thanks, Home Depot and Eterna-Kote."

Pros: Easy to Clean, Easy to Install, Easy to Use, Easy to Work With, Economical, Great Value, High Quality, Performs Well, Seals Well


"Eternakote restored an aging flat roof to better then it was when new. No old roof to rip off as my roof still has a couple of years before I had to do that. Now, I doubt I will have to touch it or worry about it for my lifetime! "


"I used 5 gallons of this on my flat roof (which has pooling water) and finally am leak-free after years of putting out buckets to catch the water."