We receive many queries from building owners and property managers who are looking to restore and/or repair their bitumen or butynol roof or gutter in the quickest, safest and least disruptive way to prevent loss of income and keep costs down.  Clearly the condition of the roof plays an important role in the decision of whether to restore or replace the roof.

In some situations, replacing the roof may be the best option. For instance, bitumen and butynol roofs with systemic problems and structural deterioration may need a drastic overhaul in the form of a complete tear off roof replacement. But replacing a roof has some serious drawbacks, which is partly why many building owners delay having it done. Replacement can be expensive, labour intensive and disruptive to tenants and business activities. Depending on the size of your roof and the complexity of the job, the work can last many weeks or even longer.

In many cases, roof restoration is the better option.

Restoring your bitumen/butynol roof can extend the roof’s life and prevent costly deterioration of the building envelope and damage to interior finishes, furniture and equipment.

What is Roof restoration?  Roof restoration involves a thorough assessment of existing roof conditions and a plan to address all deficiencies as well as preventing new ones.  Initially the process starts with a thorough cleaning of the roof surface.  This enables you to be able to better identify and repair any problem areas with small issues and those that will require more attention.

This stage of the process will solve a number issues including removing extra weight and unnecessary elements like abandoned pipes, fixing membrane cracks, sealing laps that may be peeling back and replacing fasteners that are backing out.  Leaks and problems areas will be addressed.  This process will ultimately reduce ongoing maintenance costs.

For problem roofs, a thorough investigation may reveal extensive moisture below the roofing membrane or the need to repair isolated leaks along perimeter edges. Repeated leaks don’t always mean the entire roof is faulty and needs replacing, but quite possibly, that there are a few installation or design errors that can be resolved.

During the next coating stage, your roof will be further protected from the elements.  “Cool Roof” coatings, such as Eterna-Kote Silicone Coating, have the added benefit of reflecting heat and UV rays away from your building and lower the roof temperature, reducing thermal shock.  High reflectance can translate into coolers interior temperatures, decreasing the stress on your air conditioning system and providing energy savings.

In addition to this a liquid applied roof system, like Eterna-Kote, offers tremendous durability, increased life expectancy and easy maintenance while avoiding issues like odour, burn hazards and disruptions to facility operations during project execution.

Finally, there is no substitution for a well-crafted maintenance plan. Proper roof maintenance involves regular inspections and minor repairs which are often enough to prolong roof life for many years.

Don’t wait for your first leak to think about regular roof inspections, maintenance and long-term viability. Often times, detailed investigation, customised solutions and careful, consistent maintenance can make restoration a viable option. With roof restoration, you can benefit from an economical roof system that gives you solid performance for many, many years.

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