Leaky Roof?

Use Eterna-Kote For The Ultimate Motorhome Roof Repair


Black Jack Eterna-Kote Silicone Roof Coating Roof Coating provides the latest technology for a top quality repair which is easy to apply and will last for years.

Advantages of repairing your roof with Eterna-Kote

Save Money—much lower cost than roof replacement
Easy To Apply—simply roll or brush
White One Coat Application—No need for primer or topcoat
Lower Roof Surface Temperature
Keep The Interior Of Your Motorhome Cooler In Summer

Made In The USA • Lifetime Warranty

"We found EternaKote online after much searching for a one stop paint and leak stopper. We talked to the supplier about suitability for the curved roof of our 11 metre long bus and the paint was dispatched the next day. I painted all the edges and seams with a large paint brush and roller, then applied one coat all over the roof. It was quick drying to tacky but we had run out of daylight so I applied a second coat two days later. Application was easy, quick drying and looks fantastic. (wee tip.. make sure your roller has been washed, dried and all loose hair removed.. there are some hairy bits now imbedded in our roof, don’t look too closely). I would highly recommend this system - it sticks to everything.. " Tinny, Te Anau (NZMCA 84467)
"Recently applied the product to the roof of our caravan. Previously it leaked In maybe 4 places including along the seams at the edges and at the rivets.  We recently spent a week on the  West Coast, 3 days that rained heavily. I am pleased to say we had no leaks, what a difference!. I am more than happy to recommend the product." (Peter Lowery NZMCA 62592)
"Just rubberized the roof of my 30 year old Isuzu Camper with your product - EternaKote. It is so amazing and easy to apply with brush or roller, that I am happy to promote EternaKote for free, as I travel our beautiful New Zealand. I am a member of the NZMCA No: 77979 and also a paid up member of D.O.C. Thank you! This product has given my old camper another lifetime of use." (Bruce NZMCA 77979)
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