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Everything You Need To Fix & Maintain That Leaky Roof

The manufacturer of Eterna-Kote, Gardner-Gibson, has been in business since 1913 and was the first manufacturer of roof repair products in the USA. They are the number one producer of acrylic coatings and sealants in the USA.
Gardner Industries have been successfully working with facility managers, building owners, and property managers since the 1960s. Their extensive research and development, technical expertise and dedication to their customers have afforded them with the industry reputation as “The Roof Restoration Experts”.
Gardner’s unique roof restoration systems have been installed and performed for decades. Why continue throwing your money away when you can save on our restoration system and invest the savings back into your company?


Save Time, Money & Disruption

Time, weather events and daily exposure to UV rays and temperature fluctuations definitely impact roof systems. Among other things, deterioration shows up as cracks and splits in the membranes, laps peeling back, and fasteners backing out. Tearing off a roof is an expensive, labour intensive, time-consuming, disruptive process, but you may have a much better option. Eterna-Kote restoration systems deliver seamless protection that defends against UV rays, temperature extremes, ponding water and other major threats while offering substantial savings over tear-offs.
Gardner’s products have been proven over decades from desert climates in Chile to frigid geographies in Alaska.


  • Long Term Sustainable Maintenance
  • Help The Environment With Less Waste Sent To Landfills
  • Reduce Air-Conditioning Costs & Emissions With A Cool Roof Coating
Eterna-Kote Restoration system offers an inexpensive alternative to roof tear-off and replacement.
Installing a silicone roof coating on your building will enable you to renew and extend the life of your roof without spending a huge amount of money or having to tear off your old roof and send it to the landfill.

COOL ROOF COATINGS – Cool Your Roof. Lower Your Costs

Cool Your Roof. Lower Your Costs

As reported by the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC), black surface in the sun can become up to 30°C hotter than the most reflective white surfaces. Heat increases stress to the entire roofing system, shortening system life span. Hotter roofs increase internal building temperatures, require cooling systems to work harder. Trapped heat also causes a heat island effect in which surrounding temperatures in developed areas rise faster, become hotter and remain hotter even after sundown. The result is increased energy demand, air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, heat related illness and more.
The Eterna-Kote Cool Roof System delivers high solar reflectivity and thermal emittance which significantly reduces roof temperatures. Lower roof temperatures have been proven to decrease internal building temperatures resulting in recurring saving from reduced air conditioning needs. As an added benefit, air conditioning equipment in less strained which can extend the life span of that equipment too. The bottom line is that Eterna-Kote Cool Roof Restoration Systems can significantly increase energy efficiency, saving money along the way.

How Will This Affect Heating Bills?

In the winter, the earth is farther from the sun than in summer. Additionally, days are shorter and the sun is lower in the sky. That is, if there aren’t clouds in the sky obscuring direct sunlight in the first place. All of this adds up to less heat entering your building through the roof. If anything, in the winter, heat enters through windows. Cool roof coating have no impact on winter heating costs. They only limit the amount of heat entering into your building during the summertime.

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