Black Jack Eterna-Kote Silicone Roof Coating



How to Calculate Your Eterna-Kote Silicone Requirements

Number of Squares Metres to Cover  ÷  1.76  =  Litres of Eterna-Kote Silicone Required
Therefore, divide the square metres by 1.76 to calculate how much you need.
e.g. 36m² divided by 1.76 is 20.5 litres
N.B. Coverage depends to some extent on the substrate – for example, asphalt roofs with chips may require more product whereas a metal roof may require less

To Calculate Square Metres

Multiply the length of the area x the width of the area to calculate how many square metres you are covering e.g. 3m long x 4m wide = 12 m²

For non-rectangular areas, you need to break them down into smaller rectangles.  For instance, an L-shaped surface can be broken into 2 smaller rectangles (see illustration below).  Add the 2 areas (12 + 24 = 36m²)

3m x 4m = 12m²


3m x 6m = 24m²


Total Area = 36m²

For areas where you will not apply product (e.g. skylights), subtract that area from the total.

Please note: an average campervan roof requires 2 x 3.4L containers

– with Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty a 100% silicone coating that provides the ultimate durability and longevity to your roof surface.

This product has the highest degree of waterproofing protection and provides superior protection to the underlying roof surfaces.

It is ideally suited for flat roofs that have a tendency to pond water, as well as on installations that require the best waterproofing coating available.

The bright white finish keeps roofs cooler, which in turn can help lower cooling costs. In hot or cold climates, this coating forms a seamless layer of waterproofing protection that will stretch to prevent cracking and peeling.

This premium product has high solids and can be applied in a thicker one-coat application.

Black Jack Eterna-Kote Silicone Roof Coating is available in 3.4 litre and 18 litre containers.

18L container can be tinted to Glacier Gray or Pacific Sand. Please contact us for tinter details