Gardner STA-Kool® 805 Metal-X

Metal Roof Coating

Creates Reflective, Rust-Resistant Barrier To Seal/Protect Roof

Expands With Roof Movement To Avoid Cracking & Peeling

Low-Odour, Low VOC Formula Backed By 10-Year Limited Warranty

Sta-Kool® 805 Metal-X is a tough, white elastomeric roof coating that is formulated for exceptional bonding strength to metal roof surfaces. This high performance product also contains rust inhibitors, which provide long-term protection to metal surfaces. Metal-X expands and contracts with the roof’s movement to resist cracking and peeling. The bright white finish keeps metal roofs cooler by an average of 50 degrees compared to uncoated metal, thus minimizing heat stress associated when metal roofs expand under the hot sun. Metal-X provides a protective barrier that reflects, seals, and protects from the elements. In turn, this provides a longer life to metal surfaces, helps to cool surfaces and will help reduce interior temperatures. This environmentally advanced formula helps reduce energy cooling demand, is low odour, and low VOC, making it a great choice for your metal roof.

    Why You Will Love It

  • Elastomeric Coating
  • Flexes To Resist Cracking
  • Added Rust Inhibitors
  • Cools & Reduces Heat Gain
  • Seals & Protects
  • Stay-Kleen Protective Finish