Gardner STA-Kool® Ultra

Elastomeric Premium White Roof Coating - 15 Year

High Quality, Very Flexible White Acrylic Latex Roof Coating

Resists Cracking & Peeling, While Offering Tremendous Durability

Gardner® Sta-Kool® Ultra, Elastomeric Premium White Roof Coating offers next generation solar protection with cool roof technology enhancements. Sta-Kool® Ultra helps block heat-causing sunlight while protecting the underlying roof surfaces from UV damage. This weather-tite product can help lower cooling costs in buildings that use air conditioning. This product reduces the roof surface temperature, which in turn lowers heat gain that penetrates through the roof surface. Cooling equipment operates more efficiently with the reduced roof temperatures.

    Why You Will Love It

  • 89% Reflectivity
  • Expands & Contracts Up To 350%
  • Superior Hide & Adhesion
  • Urethanised For Tough Stain Resistant Finish
  • Mildew & Stain Resistant